Lavender (3)

  • Lavender | Shampoo

    As a dog owner, we all come to know that despite their cute, angelic faces, they don't always smell so angelic. From getting muddy outdoors and smelling of grass to their natural body odours, especially strong in the warmer summer months, you might be wondering what you can do to keep their coat smooth and smelling fresh. Introducing our lavender-scented shampoo, formulated with all-natural ingredients such as wild sage and chamomile extract. These natural herbal ingredients help to purify, cleanse, and soothe your dog's skin leaving a luscious lavender scent you will love. Made without nasty chemicals, this shampoo is safe for dogs with sensitive or delicate skin, including puppies. So give your pooch's coat a good brush, fill up the tub and get ready to unleash the calming and soothing natural scent of lavender, safe in the knowledge that each batch is made with 100% natural and fresh ingredients of the highest quality.
  • Lavender | Perfume

    If you're looking for a sensational scent - look no further than our Furbulous lavender range. Packed with powerful botanical oils, all of our products harness the qualities of fruit and floral extracts - to make amazing smelling products that are also gentle on your precious pet's skin. They are totally free from SLS and parabens, and instead are packed with natural goodness. The soft scent of lavender comes from essential lavender oil - known for its soothing and calming properties. If you want to make your dog's regular grooming sessions as stress-free as possible, you can't go wrong with our lovely lavender scent. Your dog's coat will be smooth, shiny, and smell like a vivid field of fancy flowers swaying gently in a summer breeze... So if you're looking for a relaxing bath time, the Furbulous lavender grooming products are sure to become an absolute favourite.
  • Lavender | Dry Shampoo

    Regular grooming and bathing are vital to keeping your dog's coat shiny and healthy. It also helps to keep those unpleasant odours at bay, but what do you do in-between grooms or after a long muddy walk? Our range of dry shampoos offers a quick and easy solution to banish that wet dog smell, perfect for when you don't have time to give them a full bath. Made with a calming and relaxing infusion of herbs, including chamomile and neem oil, which also holds antibacterial properties, a single application will see your dog smelling of luscious lavender. Best of all, as it is made from 100% natural ingredients, you can use it on pooches with more sensitive skin who suffer from allergies, helping to remove dust and pollen from their fur which would otherwise aggravate their delicate skin. Simply spray onto the fur and towel through to give your precious pooch a delightful lavender scent, keeping them and your home smelling fresh without the need for nasty chemicals!