Lime & Coconut (3)

  • Lime And Coconut | Shampoo

    Our lovely lime and coconut shampoo is the perfect grooming product to keep your dog smelling fresh and looking lovely. A great choice for all dogs and puppies, our shampoos are totally natural, harnessing the beneficial powers of a range of fruit and herbal extracts. There are no harmful chemicals or nasty preservatives, which means that our lime and coconut shampoo is suitable for pooches with sensitive skin. Make bath time a more enjoyable experience with this soothing, cleansing shampoo. The sweet, nutty smell of coconut combines perfectly with the zingy, fresh citrus scent of lime. The end result is a tangy, tropical shampoo that will leave your dog smelling amazing.
  • Lime And Coconut | Perfume

    Our gorgeous selection of scented products is sure to keep your pooch smelling sweet and fresh all day. Coconut and lime make the perfect combination for creating a light, sweet fragrance which will linger on your pet's fur without being overpowering. The sweet, nutty scent of coconut brings a light, tropical note, which pairs perfectly with the tangy, sweet citrus smell of fresh lime. Keep your precious pet pampered and smelling perfect with our beautiful range of scented products. We understand the importance of avoiding harmful, artificial chemicals in grooming products. That is why our scented ranges are all SLS and paraben-free - meaning that there are no nasty chemical preservatives lurking within them. You can rest assured that our lovely fragrances are scented with natural oils and compounds, meaning they're gentle on your dog's skin too.
  • Lime And Coconut | Dry Shampoo

    We all love our dogs. That's why we're willing to put up with so many things, from muddy paw prints on the floor to those 5 am wake-up calls when they need to go out. Lucky for you, if it's been a while since your dog's last groom or they're smelling less than fresh after a muddy walk and you don't have time for a bath, there's a solution! Introducing our range of dry shampoos, specially formulated with a mix of calming and relaxing herbs to help banish that wet dog smell the natural way. Handmade with only the finest and freshest natural ingredients, a single application of our dry shampoo will replace that wet dog smell with the soothing scent of lime and coconut. Best of all, because it's made without any nasty chemicals, it's even safe for dogs who suffer from sensitive skin or allergies! Quick, easy and convenient to use, just shake, spray, and brush!