Orange blossom (3)

  • Orange Blossom | Shampoo

    The perfect addition to any grooming routine, our lovely orange blossom shampoo will leave your pampered pooch smelling like a fragrant orchard in summer. Our shampoos are packed full of natural goodness, with essential oils and herbal extracts that make them smell amazing - and all without any nasty chemical additives. As well as smelling great, our orange blossom shampoo is really gentle on your pet's skin. The soothing natural oils make this a great choice for a relaxing bath time, for you and your furry friend. Enjoy the soft, floral notes of this sweet-smelling shampoo, as it works its magic. Dust and dirt are washed away, leaving just a gentle citrus scent, a smooth shiny coat, and a very clean and happy dog!
  • Orange Blossom | Perfume

    Our Furbulous orange blossom scent is one of the best-loved fragrances from amongst our extensive range. The light floral scent of delicate blossom flowers adds a soft and sweet note, which pairs perfectly with the zingy, tangy notes of citrus in this fabulously formulated flowery fragrance. You can rest assured in the knowledge that all of our Furbulous orange blossom scented products are made purely from natural botanical extracts, floral and herbal oils. There are absolutely no harsh chemical additives or preservatives - meaning that it's gentle and safe for even the most sensitive skinned pup. The aromatic natural oils have calming and relaxing properties that will help you make your furry friend's bath time an absolute breeze. So for a soft and sweet fragrance that will sit softly on your dog's coat and keep them smelling lovely all day long - you can't go wrong with Furbulous orange blossom.
  • Orange Blossom | Dry Shampoo

    Our orange blossom dry shampoo is a great grooming product that is sure to become a firm favourite. You can keep your pet looking and smelling fabulous without needing to give them a full bath! The sweet, floral scent of orange blossom will linger on their fur, helping them smell like a summer garden all year round. Quick and easy to apply, give their coat a light brushing to remove loose fur - shake the bottle and give them a quick spray of this honey-sweet, citrus-scented shampoo. Then simply towel dry their coat, watching while our dry shampoo works its magic. Not only will it help get rid of dirt, but it will also leave their coat sleek and shiny. All of our products use natural oils and plant extracts, harnessing the power of nature to provide a great clean while being gentle on your pet's skin.