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  • Natural Flea Spot On | Dog And Puppy | HerbaItch

    Fleas, ticks and lice are common problems for dogs, and fleas particularly can become a big headache for you if they infest your home. Prevention is always better than a cure, which can be a long process if these pests are already established. Fortunately, Herbal Dog Co has a safe and natural flea, tick and lice repellent treatment that will protect your dog and your home from these unwanted pests. Repel is a spot-on product and is applied weekly to the back of the dog’s neck for best results. It is made from ingredients which are natural pest repellents, such as quassia bark, neem leaf, and lemongrass essential oil. It is so safe that you can use it with confidence around pregnant and breastfeeding mums. Save yourself and your dog the unnecessary misery of flea, tick and lice bites with Herbal Dog Co Repel. Our powerful blend of natural oils combined with fast acting Neem Leaf makes our non-toxic spot-on the ideal go-to herbal product for fleas, ticks & lice.
  • Natural Inner Ear Tonic | Itchy Ears Smelly Ears Waxy Ears | Herbacare Ears

    Is your dog prone to ear problems? Itchy ears, infections and wax build-up cause irritation and even an unpleasant smell. Your dog is going to be miserable until his ears are back to normal. While it is essential to consult your vet if your dog seems ill or in pain, many common ear problems can be safely treated at home. Herbal Dog Co’s all-natural inner ear tonic drops contain maythen (wild mustard) oil as a natural lubricant as well as tea tree and wild rosemary essential oils. These ingredients have antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic properties, carefully balanced to soothe itching, pain and irritation. The oils work by eliminating dirt and discharge and help to restore the ear’s natural sebum production. The residue continues to repel mites and parasites until the next application. Inner ear tonic is safe for all breeds and sizes of dogs.
  • Natural Pest Management | Dog Wormer Alternative | HerbaX

    Our hand-blended herbal preparation is powerful & effective in supporting the health of your dog’s intestinal hygiene while being gentle on the gut & digestive system. An alternative to chemical wormers.