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Jasmine & Bergamot | Natural Dry Shampoo | Dog & Puppy

Our all natural dry shampoos are designed to help keep your pet smelling fresh and clean in between grooming sessions. Whether they've got muddy on a walk, or are just in need of a freshen up, dry shampoo is a quick & easy solution to all of your problems. Brush it through their fur, and this soft, cleansing shampoo will work its magic.

One of our most popular scent combinations, Jasmine & Bergamot are a perfect pairing that work beautifully together. This stylish, sophisticated smell will linger on your dog's fur & is sure to become a much loved favourite product for every grooming session. The citrus smell of bergamot brings a tangy, fruity quality to the scent. This works perfectly with jasmine, which has a floral smell which make it a popular option for colognes & perfumes, as well as a great choice for your dog!

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Jasmine & Bergamot | Natural Shampoo | Dog & Puppy

Your dog can enjoy a truly luxurious wash & will stay smelling beautiful long after bath time, thanks to the expertly blended mix of Jasmine & Bergamot.

Bergamot is a natural herb, cultivated for its powerful oils with a strong, citrus scent. The beautifully fragrant oil is thought to have lots of soothing properties & a fresh, lovely aroma, which might be most reminiscent of a cup of Earl Grey tea!

The sweet scent of bergamot pairs perfectly with the floral scent of jasmine, this delightful fragrance provides a floral overtone which perfectly finishes off the shampoo. All in all you can be sure that this fragrant shampoo will leave your pooch looking and smelling fantastic.

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Availability: In stock

Refreshing, citrusy & spicy, our Lavender & Neroli scent offers a wonderfully herbaceous edge thanks to the notes of wild lavender which combine with aroma therapeutic neroli, a reputed aphrodisiac & antidepressant! Calm, refresh & uplift yourself & your dog every day with this gentle yet rousing fragrance.

This Premium Gift Set comes with a full size Shampoo, Dry Shampoo, plus a bottle of Furbulous!

Ideal for muddy walks & pamper nights.

  • Shampoo ~ 250ml
  • Dry Shampoo ~ 250ml
  • Furbulous ~ 100ml


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