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The zesty smell of orange provides a light, uplifting note in this beautiful fragrance combination. Our all natural products are packed full of fruity oils, as well as herbal extracts. Bergamot is a fresh, scented herb that has citrusy overtones, similar to the warm scent of a steaming cup of Earl Grey tea. Together, they combine to make a rich, complex, fruity scent which works perfectly across our range of pet grooming products. Sure to leave your dog’s coat soft and sweetly scented, our Orange & Bergamot range of shampoos & powders are the perfect addition to bath time.

Orange & Bergamot | Natural Dog & Puppy | Cologne Perfume Deodoriser

Our wonderful range of delicious smelling dog grooming products is designed especially to keep your pooch smelling fragrant & fresh all day long. Orange & Bergamot are the perfect combination, creating a sweet, fruity aroma which will stay on your pet's fur, keeping them smelling lovely long after bath time.

The tangy, citrus smell of orange provides a sharp, fresh note, which is a perfect pairing with the sweet, herbal scent of bergamot. Made with totally natural botanical oils & herbal extracts, all of our products are free from nasty chemicals. Bergamot extract has lots of fantastic properties & has a fresh scent very similar to a hot cup of Earl Grey tea!

Unlike many commercial dog grooming products, our range is totally SLS & paraben free. All of our lovely fragrances harness the beautiful scent of natural oils from fruit & flowers.

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Orange & Bergamot | Natural Dry Shampoo | Dog & Puppy

If you want to keep your pet fresh & fragrant without braving a full bath time, our dry shampoo is a great solution. The tangy, citrus smell of Orange & Bergamot offers a flowery fragrance that will help keep your pooch smelling great whilst also keeping their fur looking in fabulous condition.

Just shake well & brush a small amount through their fur to help remove loose dirt & get rid of nasty odours. Our all natural products use relaxing essential oils & soothing natural compounds which smell great & are gentle on your pet's skin.

Our orange and bergamot dry shampoo is also a quick and easy way to remove pollen that has caught on your dog's fur whilst they've been out enjoying their walk - which can be a huge blessing if you or your furry friend suffer from seasonal allergies.

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Orange & Bergamot | Natural Shampoo | Dog & Puppy

Our exquisite Orange & Bergamot Natural Shampoo is packed full of natural oils, leaving a light, pleasant smell of citrus & flowers. The fragrant & sweetly scented bergamot oils blend perfectly with the tangy aroma of fresh orange extract, giving this gentle shampoo a great long lasting scent that will leave your dog smelling fresh all day long.

We're proud to say that all of our pet grooming products are made from totally natural ingredients, so there are no nasty chemical additives hidden in them.

This shampoo is wonderfully simple to use.

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This Premium Gift Set comes with a full size Shampoo, Dry Shampoo, plus a bottle of Furbulous!

Ideal for muddy walks & pamper nights.

  • Shampoo ~ 250ml
  • Dry Shampoo ~ 250ml
  • Furbulous ~ 100ml
Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 7.5 cm

Orange & Bergamot | Natural Dog & Puppy | Cologne Perfume Deodoriser

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 12.5 cm

Orange & Bergamot | Natural Dry Shampoo | Dog & Puppy

Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 15 cm

Orange & Bergamot | Natural Shampoo | Dog & Puppy

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 14 cm


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