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3 reasons why your dog needs to take a herbal supplement

While we believe supplements to be an integral element to our own health, we also believe that the same principle should apply to our furry friends. The reason? Food on its own may not be enough to meet all your dog’s health requirements, and supplements can bridge that gap in their diet. We’ve put together 3 reasons why herbal supplements are a must in your dog’s diet.

1. Boost your dog’s immune system

A strong immune system will reduce the chances of your dog getting heart disease, cancer, diabetes and inflammation. If your dog’s body automatically regulates its cells, then harmful pathogens will be eliminated. Herbal supplements will help make sure that your dog’s immune system is alert to attacks and that it isn’t compromised. The highest quality, pure, and natural supplements will help your dog fight through illnesses.

2. Maintain a healthy digestive system

It’s important that there are plenty of probiotics in your dog’s digestive tract. Not only will this help monitor harmful bacteria, but it will also balance your dog’s mood. Herbal supplements containing probiotics, soluble fibre, and prebiotics are incredibly helpful and advantageous for your dog’s digestive system. It reduces the chances of your dog suffering from an upset stomach or diarrhea, which is often caused by the increased growth of bad bacteria.

3. Give essential nutrients

Even though a lot of pet food brands claim that their food contains all the necessary nutrients, your dog may need additional herbal supplements to boost their essential vitamins. Yes, we agree, carbs and fats are usually a part of dog food. But, during the cooking or heating process, certain minerals and vitamins can be lost. That’s where a herbal supplement comes in. Not only will it increase the efficiency of your dog’s food, but will also act as a replacement for any missing ingredients. Remember – you don’t want to give your dog vitamins and minerals they don’t need.

Here at Herbal Dog Co., we make a range of supplements for dogs. Don’t hesitate to browse our website today. For more information, however, do feel free to give us a call on 0191 286 0774. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at for all your dog supplement needs.


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