About Us


Our founder Gemma has always been a herbalist at heart. She grew up making perfume at the kitchen table from flowers she collected, and that's where the Herbal Dog Co's passion for sourcing extraordinary ingredients is rooted. It was from her Nanna that she inherited an early fascination with both flowers and dogs, and since then she has spent her life perfecting what she does.

After many years of working for some of the biggest brands all around the world, she wanted a business to call her own. Gemma wanted her own company to be a wonderful, inclusive organisation, which was committed to giving animals the very best natural, healthy ingredients.

Not your average pet brand

The Herbal Dog Co provides an entirely animal-centric range of lotions and potions. Every single product which we have created is centred around natural ingredients and contains no harsh chemicals, and is hand made in England. We use sustainable packaging, and when it comes to filling our packages, we use loose-fill eco flow peanuts which are made of GM Free starch and are 100 per cent compostable, reusable and recyclable. If your Herbal Dog Co product comes in a bottle, it will be a PCR bottle that is made from one of the easiest plastics to recycle.

Pioneering social change

At Herbal Dog Co, we have a boundless passion for the planet. Our business ethics involve firm principles which we will never move away from; including a firm belief that nobody should be exploited in the manufacturing of our products, and that animal testing must never be involved.

Redefining animal care

We see ourselves as part of a wider movement within animal care which puts caring, natural and inclusive products over profit.

Empowering women and girls

The Herbal Dog Co are an example of how women are increasingly leading the UK's SMEs, and we have made inclusivity a fundamental business ethos as we continue to expand our team. This determination to help drive social change is fuelled in part by Gemma's career; she spent years around a board room table as the only female, labelled negatively for being successful and the only female voice.

Business as a force for good

Why can't a business be a force for good? By operating a safe, inclusive workspace, The Herbal Doc Co hopes to affect positive change every day. Being a trusted global brand is a unique position which we take seriously; we embrace this responsibility with everything we do.

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