Happy tums = Happy bums!

Hey pup parents!

Did you know it’s National Raw Feeding Week? From April 1st – 7th, raw feeders all over the world are recognised and celebrated! 🥩

Raw feeding has increased in popularity massively over the last few years. You might have noticed yourself that the days of grabbing a ring-pull tin of jelly are well and truly over! 😂 But why are pup-parents across the globe going ra-ra for raw?

Because raw food is still relatively new, it hasn’t been as widely researched as the Chums and the Bakers of the world.. But raw food producers say….

🐕 It improves coat condition

🐕 It’s better for your pup’s teeth

🐕 It improves energy levels

🐕 It’s more natural and contains fewer (if any) additives

🐕 It produces smaller, fewer and less fragrant poops! 💩

It’s worth saying that if you do like the sound of those benefits, be sure to seek expert advice for your little pooch. As with all dogs, it’s important to ensure they’re getting the right balance of nutrients for each stage of their life.

If your fur-baby needs a little extra support when it comes to gut bacteria, immunity or just getting their 5-a-day, then check out our range of natural supplements. No palm oil, no chemicals, no nasty stuff! 🌿

After all, happy puppy tums = happy puppy bums! And no one is having any fun with the runs! 😉

Have a great day!

Team HDC 🐾


[P.S Did you know it’s also National Pet Day on April 11th! We’re treating our floofy friends to a bougie bundle to show them how much we love them 💞 Grab yours for just £25!]


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