Bath With Dog

How to bath your dog or Puppy

Whenever you give your dog a bath, there are two important things that you need to consider. The first is the temperature of the water. It should be warm enough to keep them comfortable, but not too hot so you don’t risk scalding them. The second is to pick a gentle, chemical-free shampoo that is soft on their skin, whilst still giving a great clean. That’s where our range of all-natural, herbal shampoos can help.

Helping older or anxious dogs

If your dog is older or a bit unsteady on their feet, it’s a good idea to put an old towel or bath mat at the bottom of the bath, before you get started, as it will help them keep a steady footing.

If your dog is nervous- or perhaps it’s their first bath, it might be best to have a helper with you to help calm and soothe your anxious pup. Before you start, softly brush your dog’s coat to remove any loose fur, this will also help you to keep your dog calm and soothed.

Making bath time more relaxing

Run a few inches of water into the bathtub. Place your dog into the bath, and gently wet their coat by splashing a small amount of water on to their legs and body. You can also use a showerhead on a slow setting. Once their coat is wet, massage a small amount of shampoo into their coat. Work it up into a good soapy lather, and then gently rinse it off – removing the dirt from their fur.

You can also find a great range of conditioners and specialist shampoos – for example brightening white shampoo for dogs with light fur. Look at our full range to find out what other grooming products might be suitable bathtime additions for your dog.

Washing the head and face

Many dogs can be nervous about the delicate area around their eyes and nose getting splashed by the shower. To keep your dog calm, wipe their face gently with a face cloth, rather than splashing it directly with water. If your dog is a wrinkle-faced breed, like a pug or bulldog, our facial cleanser can help you to carefully clean the skin folds, keeping them clean and fresh – free from any bacteria that might build up and cause the skin to swell or look stained.

If you use a shampoo to lather their head, ensure that you rinse it off away from their eyes – tilt their chin up and allow the water to run off backwards.

Dry your dog thoroughly with a towel, and remember to tell them how well behaved they’ve been!


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