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How to treat yeast infection in dogs UK

Some dogs are prone to developing yeast infections, which can be irritating for the dog and worrisome to the owner. However, when you know what yeast infection symptoms are and how to treat them, you can greatly reduce stress for your pet and yourself.

How do I know my dog has a yeast infection?

There are two types of common yeast infections that dogs are likely to develop:

Yeast dermatitis

This can be found anywhere on the dog’s body but is most common in the armpits, feet and any other skin folds. It is characterised by skin scaling or flaking and can cause itching, redness, and odour.

Yeast otitis

This causes redness inside the dog’s ear and scaling of the ear flap. Yeast otitis will cause the dog to exhibit head shaking, face rubbing and ear scratching. An odour will also be present.

Yeast infection treatment for dogs

There are many ways to treat a minor yeast infection once diagnosed. If your dog has a more serious yeast infection, the treatments below can work alongside prescription remedies.

Changing their shampoo

Changing your dog’s shampoo to one with antibacterial properties can kill the yeast. It is important to find a shampoo with natural ingredients as the harsh chemicals and additives sometimes found in yeast infection shampoos may dry out your dog’s skin and cause further irritation. A herbal dog shampoo is easy to apply, pleasant smelling and sensitive on the skin while preventing yeast infections.

Using antifungal ear drops

For yeast otitis, you will need to target the ear with drying or antifungal drops. Herbal Dog Co offer a natural itchy ear tonic, which is great for your dog’s hygiene and can soothe the ear’s natural sebum production.


Yeast infections in dogs can be caused or exacerbated by diet. If your dog has a yeast infection, switching to a raw diet can help as many dry food and pet shop treats contain mostly cereal which translates to 50-60% carbs. You can also supplement a raw diet with a natural healing supplement like Herbal Dog Co’s natural yeast support supplement.

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