Conditioner (3)

  • Coconut | Deep Replenishing And Smoothing | Conditioner

    Coconut oil has been used on skin and hair for thousands of years and it’s one of our favourite ingredients! Coconut oil is an excellent conditioner for all types of hair, enriched with essential vitamins and minerals. Featuring a delicious blend of plant based ingredients our Richly Replenishing Conditioner is enriched with plant oils, handcrafted in England to make hair look more glossy, shiny and tangle free. Give your dog the love it deserves and enjoy fur that feels healthier and richly replenished.
  • Rose | Sensitive | Conditioner

    Mild and gentle, our sensitive rose-scented conditioner harnesses the natural powers of soothing herbal extracts and oils to gently cleanse and condition your pet's fur - without irritating their skin. This means it is a great bathtime choice for any dog suffering from sensitive skin. Rather than using harsh chemicals, all of our products rely on the power of natural products to help keep your pooch's fur looking sleek and shiny. So if your dog suffers from itchy or dry skin, you can be sure that the delightful rose fragranced conditioner will help them smell lovely, but will still be entirely mild and gentle on their delicate skin. There are no nasty chemical compounds lurking in our conditioner, so there won't be any preservatives or additives to make their skin inflamed or itchy. Instead, it is enriched with lots of essential vitamins and minerals which help support your dog's sensitive skin, whilst also leaving their coat looking lovely and glossy.
  • Smoothing Deep Conditioner

    Dilution 30:1 A little goes a long way... Our conditioner is packed full of soothing coconut oil that will help you to keep your dogs fur smooth, soft and shiny. Brush it through to give the silkiest, smoothest coat imaginable. Deep and rich, this super soapy white conditioner will keep your dogs fur looking glorious, bright and clean long after they have been bathed. So for a calming and luxurious bath time, this warm tropically scented conditioner will leave a lovely scent lingering on your dogs coat long after you've finished grooming them. Are you a groomer ordering a lot.... ask about our trade accounts today for priority pricing across our PRO Groom range.