Digestive and Gut Health (2)

  • Herbalisious | Tummy Calming Blend

    All dogs can have occasional digestive upsets, while some dogs seem to have permanently sensitive tummies. Psyllium husk contains both soluble and insoluble fibre, which can help with digestive movement alongside this power blend created to support those sensitive tums. Finally, the good bacteria that make up the all-important microbiome in your dog’s intestinal tract will benefit from the balanced addition of pro and prebiotics and enzymes. Add this powder supplement to natural yoghurt daily to support ongoing nutritional health benefits for your dog.
  • HerbaCare Gut Health | Powerful Probiotic

    Herbacare Gut Health for healthy microbiome. Just like their owners, dogs need a healthy gut to support energy and general wellbeing. The microbiome is the collection of good healthy bacteria that thrive in the digestive tract to assist with the digestion and absorption of nutrient for good health. A good diet is critical to build and maintain the microbiome, and in both humans and dogs, supplements can be used to support the natural balance and this vital digestive function. It is especially important to support older dogs. The Gut Health Support supplement from the Herbal Dog Co contains a range of fresh raw ingredients, and is full of good bacteria, making it the most effective dog probiotic available in the UK. With no artificial ingredients, chemicals or palm oil you can confidently use this daily for your dog.