Joints and mobility (2)

  • HerbaFlex | Mobility Tonic

    We all get slower and stiffer with age. While it is important to take your dog to the vet if they look ill or in pain, there is a lot you can do to ease daily age-related stiffness quickly and naturally. The Herbal Dog Co’s blend of wild celery, sage, milk thistle, Apium seed and organic cider vinegar is a powerful and quick-acting preparation. Let nature’s bounty of Wild Celery, Devils Claw and Skullcap hand-blended all-natural preparation support the health of your dog’s joints, ligaments & tendons.
  • Herbaflex | Joint Care

    Is your dog not enjoying their walks like they used to, have they stopped going up stairs or getting onto the sofa, maybe they are a breed that could benefit from additional joint support or are just getting on with or lacking mobility just as we would? One for our oldies, agility lovers, working dogs & those that just need a little help with keeping up. To support dogs that are stiff in the morning, dogs not loving their walks as much as they did & working dogs to help keep their joints supported.