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Apple & Vanilla | Dry Shampoo

Quick and easy to use, our Apple & Vanilla Dry Shampoo is a firm favourite with pet owners. The sweet smell of vanilla combines beautifully with the tangy apple scent, both of which are from totally natural plant extracts & herbal oils. You can rest assured that there are no hidden chemical additives or preservatives in our dry shampoo.

So if you're looking to freshen up your pet's fur after a walk, simply shake the bottle, apply a little of this wonderful product & towel off. As you rub it through their fur, you will help remove dirt & leave a gentle fragrance lingering on their coat. In fact, this delicious scent will leave them smelling fresh & fruity all day long. Our dry shampoo is also great at removing pollen & dust, whilst still being gentle on their skin.

Apple & Vanilla | Cologne Deodoriser

The warm fruity scent of Apple & Vanilla makes this luxurious fragrance combination one of our most popular options in our extensive range. All of our lovely fragrances rely on the natural goodness of botanical extracts & herbal oils to create fabulous all natural scents. The Furbulous Apple & Vanilla scent is totally free from any nasty chemical additives or preservatives & there are no parabens, plus you can rest assured that all of our products are SLS free for your peace of mind.

The soothing power of natural apple oils brings a tart, tangy note to the scent, which works beautifully with the sweet sugary smell of vanilla. The deep, rich scent is reminiscent of a delightful slice of warm apple pie, a lovely smell which will linger on your pet's fur, making them smell delicious all day long.

If you’re looking for the ultimate grooming product to upgrade your dog’s bath time, look no further than our lovely Apple & Vanilla Natural Shampoo.

Packed with a glorious mix of apple & vanilla scents, the lovely aroma of this shampoo is reminiscent of a freshly baked apple pie, meaning that it is sure to leave your pampered pooch smelling delightful all day. We use all natural essential oils & no nasty chemicals, instead, our shampoo harnesses the soothing power of apple essence & vanilla extract, meaning that you can create a lovely lather. Simply wet your dog’s coat, massage in the shampoo, gently avoiding their eyes & ears & then rinse off!

The silky shampoo promises to provide a great deep clean, while still being gentle on your precious pet’s skin. Packed full of natural oils, our shampoo is great for dogs & puppies of all ages.

How to use:

Rub a dub dub, get the dog in the tub! Brush the coat to remove loose hair & dirt. Soak the coat & massage in the shampoo, avoiding the eyes & inner ear. Wash out & stand back, ready for the shaky shake! Dry thoroughly to prevent colds & stiff joints.


Aqua, Chamomile, Wild Sage, SLS & Paraben Free Coconut Based Surfactant, Sea Salt, Aqueous Herbal Tincture, Plant Based Fragrance.

• No Palm Oil • No Chemicals • No Nasty Stuff •

Size ~ 250ml


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