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All Natural Flea & Tick Spot On For Dogs & Puppies | 1 Year Supply

Herbal Dog Co's Natural Spot On is a safe & natural spot on product that is applied weekly to the back of the dog's neck. It is made from ingredients which are natural such as quassia bark, neem leaf & lemongrass essential oil. It is so safe that you can use it with confidence around pregnant & breastfeeding mums.

Our powerful blend of natural oils combined with fast acting neem leaf makes our non toxic spot on the ideal go to.

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All Natural Dog Wormwood Protect

Our hand blended herbal preparation is powerful & effective in supporting the health of your dog’s intestinal hygiene while being gentle on the gut & digestive system. This is herbaX and our version of Billy no mates.

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Natural Flea Protect Spray

Flea free and no nasties!🦟

Our Flea Protect Natural Spray is easy to use and ideal for family life when you don't want harsh chemicals in the home.

Itch that doesn’t want a chemical scratch?

Fleas, ticks and parasites are every pup-parents nightmare! But constantly covering your little critter in chemicals doesn’t feel great either!

Repeated use of anti-parasite chemicals can actually help to breed their resistance! Meaning no matter HOW many nasties you use, the naughty nibblers just won’t quit.

We’ve created the natural antidote 🌱

From non-toxic spot on, to flea repelling shampoos, we’ve supercharged our Flea + Tick range with effective essential oils that are safe for YOU and your pooches too!

🌱 Made using powerful natural ingredients
🇬🇧 Made in the UK
❌ No chemicals or preservatives
♻️ Planet safe, recyclable packaging

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Body Boost Multivitamin | Natural Herbal Supplement Powder | Dog & Puppy

Our multivitamin is a nutrient rich food supplement carefully formulated to support general health & wellbeing in dogs. By adding Herbal Dog Co’s multivitamin to their food every day, you will be supporting a wide range of health benefits for your dog.

Seaweed is a rich source of iodine, as well as vitamin K, B vitamins, zinc & iron. Brewers yeast supports the immune system. Milk thistle is added for liver support . Wild sage contains a range of vitamins & minerals while flax seed has natural supporting properties.

Finally, dogs, just like us, have a multitude of good bacteria living in their gut, called the microbiome. Recent research has highlighted the importance of pre & probiotics plus enzymes to support the functioning of the microbiome, which is vital for overall health & wellbeing is a nutrient-rich food supplement carefully formulated to support general health & wellbeing in dogs. By adding this multivitamin powder to their food every day, you will be supporting a wide range of health benefits for your dog.

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All Natural Plaque Protect

Bad breath is the worst. Do you have a dog that hates having their teeth brushed!? Then this one is for you. A fresh mix of Seaweeds, Marjoram & Fennel Seed supports gum health while helping to reduce tartar build up leaving fresh kissable breath.
Brushing your dogs teeth daily is just as important as brushing your own. Like humans its so important we keep our dogs teeth & gums healthy to prevent the build up of plaque & tartar. Did you know the commercial & well promoted dental sticks actually are not healthy for your dog due to the ingredients used?

Our Ultraclean powder is so easy, sprinkle into food every day & that’s it! All natural, easy to use and no hurting your dog trying to get a tooth brush into their mouth.

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Coconut | Natural Shampoo | Dog & Puppy

Coconut oil has been used on skin & hair for thousands of years & it’s one of our favourite ingredients! Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer for all types of hair, enriched with essential vitamins & minerals. Featuring a delicious blend of plant based ingredients our Coconut Natural Shampoo is enriched with plant oils, handcrafted in England to make hair look more glossy, shiny & tangle free. Give your dog the love it deserves & enjoy fur that feels healthier & richly replenished.

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Coconut | Dry Shampoo

For a quick & easy way to remove dirt & grime from your dog's coat, our Coconut Dry Shampoo offers a perfect grooming option to keep your furry friend feeling fresh & fragrant in between baths. Simply shake the bottle & spray a small amount onto their coat, brushing it through your pooch's fur. Dirt, dust & pollen will lift away easily, keeping their coat soft & shiny, meaning that they stay nice & clean until their next bath.

The sweet, nutty smell of coconut comes from all natural herbal oils & fragrant botanical compounds. There are no nasty chemicals, artificial preservatives or unpleasant additives lurking in our dry shampoo, meaning that it is gentle for your pet's skin & will leave a light, tropical aroma that keeps your pet smelling great all day.

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Our Starter Box comes with everything you need to start your natural journey keeping you dogs healthy all year round.

Suitable for all dog types & ages.

This powerful box comes with everything you need to keep your dog & puppy fit & healthy all year round.

Ideal for pup parents looking for a natural alternative.

  • Flea & Tick Protect Tonic ~ 30ml
  • Wormwood Protect Tonic ~ 30ml
  • Multivitamin Herbal Supplement Powder~ 250ml
  • Plaque Protect powder ~ 250ml
  • Flea & Tick Protect Spray~ 150ml
  • Coconut Shampoo ~ 250ml
  • Coconut Dry Shampoo ~ 250ml
Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 7.5 cm
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