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Seasonal Soother Dog Bundle | For Dogs Who Suffer During Summer Months With Grass, Pollen and Dust | Herbal Dog Co | All Natural, Vegan, Made in UK

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We have put together the perfect bundle for dogs who suffer during the summer months from reacting to anything environmental or pollen, dust and grass.

This will include our best selling coconut dry shampoo, seasonal soother tonic plus our seasonal soother blend.

Simply add the support powder to your dog’s food – it gives their immune system extra strength to fight off sensitivities or bad health brought on by changes in season and helps them adjust and stay comfortable and tackles the problem from the inside.

Our natural tonic liquid is a natural soother made with a unique blend of lemon extract & organic honey, both of which are known to contain effective & soothing properties. This helps strengthen your dog’s immune system so they can better fight off any sensitivities or bad health brought on by the changes in season.

Using our dry shampoo regularly will also help remove any pollen, allergens or dust from your dogs coat after walks, simply spray directly onto the coat or towel then use the towel to wipe down.

Not only does this remove anything sitting on your dogs coat, it will also help condition, clean & keep your pooch smelling fresh!


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