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What is the best natural dog shampoo?

Dogs have far more sensitive skin than ours that can easily become irritated. Unlike us, they only have around three to five layers of skin cells, and a shampoo containing harsh chemicals, or the incorrect Ph balance can put them at considerable risk. Excessive itching from discomfort can quickly lead to lesions that may become infected.

Fortunately, dog shampoos that are entirely natural are readily available, but how do you know which one is best? In the next sections we’ll explore some innovative options you can try and explain why they represent ideal natural solutions for dogs.

How to select a suitable dog shampoo with natural ingredients

The natural shampoo that’s best suited to your dog will depend on many factors, for example, if they have particularly sensitive skin, then selecting an option designed for such dogs is always wise. Shampoos that contain lavender can be ideal as the plant naturally soothes the skin but is also beneficial for hyperactive dogs because of its calming qualities.

If you’re looking for protection from pests, natural shampoos are available that contain flea treatments while others have been created purposefully for puppies. Additionally, dog groomers looking to wow their clients will find many natural shampoos that brighten coats by hydrating them with carefully chosen ingredients.

Try dry when you’re out and about

Whether you’ve taken a long muddy walk in the rain or a stroll on a sandy beach, when you need an option that’s easy to use on the go, herbal solutions are also available as dry shampoos. Naturally scented with Parma violet, black pomegranate, mint and orange and bergamot these handy pump spray shampoos will soon have your dog smelling better no matter what mischief they’ve been up to. Shampooing before you get back in the car makes for a far more enjoyable journey than waiting until you get home!

Handmade natural dog shampoo at its best

To keep your canine companion’s coat looking rich, glossy and entirely flake-free browse our range of high-quality herbal dog shampoo or contact our friendly team today for expert product knowledge and advice.


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