Why is my dog eating grass

Why is my dog eating grass!?

Why is my dog eating grass!?
This is probably our biggest asked question.

There are loads of reasons your dog might be eating grass.

🐕 To make them self sick
🐕 They feel unwell
🐕 They need more fibre
🐕 They are lacking probiotics or deficient in nutrients
🐕 They just like the taste & feel of it!

You have probably heard all of the above however why is your dog is eating grass? Lets talk about the most common talking points on this topic.
You will hear a lot of people say that dogs start to eat grass when they don’t feel well or to make themselves vomit but there are a lot of people that will dispute this idea on the basis that most dogs are not showing signs of being unwell before they eat grass fewer than 10% of dogs seem to be sick before eating grass according to their owners and also eating grass doesn’t usually lead to throwing up with less than 25% of dogs vomiting regularly after eating grass.

The most common reason that Vets give for dogs eating grass or strange non-food items is associated with a diet deficient in nutrients vitamins or minerals although some dogs on balance diets will also eat grass, so why do they eat grass?
There may be another digestive need, dogs need roughage in their diets and grass is an amazing source of fibre a lack of what we call roughage affects the dogs ability to digest food and sometimes even pass poo so grass may actually help their body functions run more smoothly.

The truth is why your dog is eating grass may always remain a mystery however a great way to ensure their digestion is in tip top condition is by adding a sprinkle of Gut Health Powder to their diet. Full or natural fibre & pre & probiotics you can be sure their digestion is getting the help it might need.


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