3 tips on caring for your elderly dog

Just as humans become older and require a little bit of extra TLC, so does your dog. Senior dogs do need a little bit more care and attention as they grow older. This is because as their bodies age, their bones, mind, coat, teeth, and diet become really important to help them stay as fit and healthy for as long as possible. Below are some tips on the extra care your elderly dog may require to help him battle old age, just like we humans do too.

Food and supplements

Because older dogs are not so energetic as they once were, they can be prone to obesity, which will bring about its own set of problems. There are many foods on the market that are low in fat and contain fewer calories that will fit in with your senior dog’s lifestyle. The correct diet will help look after his coat and his teeth. Elderly dogs also require extra vitamins and supplements to help their digestive system and wellbeing, so vitamins for dogs and dog herbal supplements are also an important part of caring for your elderly dog.

Exercise and mobility

As your dog becomes older, he will not have as much energy as he used to have, but he still needs regular exercise, even though it may need to be at a gentler pace. Also, remember that your dog’s joints and mobility will not be as it was. Older dogs are prone to arthritis and mobility problems and your dog will benefit from some extra joint and mobility supplements that are tailored for older dogs. Joint care for dogs is important throughout their lives, but even more so in their later years.

Mental health

Sometimes, as your dog ages, his behaviour might change too. Older dogs can become anxious and require more attention from you. This is completely normal and the best way to deal with this is to spend as much time with your dog as possible, make sure you play with him, give him lots of attention and let him know you are still his best friend. An elderly dog may also benefit from a natural treatment for dog anxiety too, just to help them remain calmer when they feel a little bit overwhelmed.

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