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Tummies that rawwwwwr

Hey fur-fond-friends!

We hope you’re having a lovely summer with your perfect pups!

Just like us, our doggos can feel a bit dodgy in the tummy. And… they can’t tell us! (Well, not with words!)

If you’re worried your pooch might be feeling a bit funky, look out for these tell-tale signs…

Lip licking – This can be a sign of nausea or that your pooch feels like they might be sick.

Burping and gulping – Excess gas caused by a sore tummy might cause your fur-baby to belch!

Lethargy – Off their food? Extra sleepy? Bit grumpy? These could be signs that your pooch is feeling poorly.

Raw fed or kibble nibbling, wet-food waggers or diet divas – all dogs need to keep their digestive system in check.

Some breeds are more prone to digestive discomfort than others (we’re looking at you terriers, bullies, poodles, and friends!), but there’s a lot we can do to make sure they’re feeling their best in the belly department.

Make sure you’ve checked your feeding choices with your vet. If you’re worried your dog might have an intolerance, you can get a variety of tests to make sure.

Ensure your dog drinks plenty of water. Make sure bowls are easily accessible and filled with clean water. Don’t leave your dog’s water outside for long periods of time – this can allow pesties to get into it!

Try a stomach supporting supplement. Our All Natural Herbacare Gut Health Support Supplement ( is a powerful supportive supplement that promotes good gut health. this all-natural super-powder keeps tummies in tip-top shape!


Happy holidaying with happy tums!

Team HDC


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