How can you help a dog with itchy skin?

Most dog owners know that one of the trickiest issues their four-legged friend can face is an allergic reaction. This is mainly because allergies aren’t conditions that easily fade away on their own. The good news is that you can still help your canine pal, and there are numerous options that efficiently remedy reactions and provide welcome relief.

How do dogs experience allergies?

As people, we usually experience an allergic reaction in the body’s respiratory tract. Pet hair or pollen can swiftly lead to a range of symptoms including sneezing, coughing, shortness of breath or itchy, watery eyes. While dogs also suffer such respiratory ailments, the main way they experience an allergy is via their skin. This will commonly be displayed as itchiness, but in serious reactions can lead to painful welts on the skin.

Just like human allergic reactions, those experienced by dogs will vary in terms of severity. You’ll find that some dogs will simply scratch a little more in springtime when pollen counts are higher, while others will be itchy all year round. The latter can potentially lead to serious skin infections if left untreated.

Herbal treatments for skin allergies

If you’re looking to treat the symptoms that your dog is suffering from with a non-chemical approach, herbal treatments can be ideal. Kinder to both your dog’s skin and the environment, these considerately developed solutions contain all-natural ingredients that provide fast and effective relief.

To soothe a dog’s itchy skin, specially formulated herbal shampoos are simple to apply during bath time and include wild sage and chamomile. These herbs have inherent properties that can calm itchiness swiftly and safely. Some natural shampoos also include a lavender fragrance.

Along with providing a pleasant scent that is powerful enough to get rid of unwanted odours, it also has a soothing effect on dogs with allergies. Especially suited to sensitive skin, these cleverly developed shampoos are available for both puppies and mature dogs.

At the Herbal Dog Company, we craft handmade natural soothers that can be added to food as well as non-toxic shampoos that are perfect for dogs who suffer from allergies. Browse our available products or get in touch for expert advice today.


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