Telltale signs your dog might need supplements

A healthy dog is a happy dog, so knowing when your dog might need a helping hand to maintain its healthy status is key. Here are some common telltale signs to look out for that could indicate dog supplements might be required.

Mobility problems

If you notice that your dog’s mobility is not what it used to be, this could suggest it might be suffering from joint problems. In particular, if your dog has trouble getting up from a sitting position, is taking longer than normal to become upright, seems slower when out and about or is reluctant to go up and down stairs, this may be because of joint pain. Fortunately, supplements that offer joint care for dogs may help to alleviate these issues.


As well as noticing mobility problems in your dog, if you spot that it seems to avoid using one leg over the others, without there being any visible signs of injury, this may signal cartilage problems in the joints of the leg. If you’re not sure why this is happening, it’s a good idea to visit the vets. If joint problems are diagnosed, you might find that dog herbal supplements can make a difference.

Doesn’t like being touched

If your dog appears to be sensitive to being touched, particularly in one area, it may be experiencing joint pain or swelling. Speak to a vet for a proper diagnosis, and consider giving your dog the best dog supplements possible to improve joint health.

Excessive panting

Dogs pant for lots of different reasons, particularly if it’s hot and they are thirsty. However, if they start to pant and also appear to suffer from mobility issues, then this might indicate there’s an underlying problem, such as arthritis or hip dysplasia. Contact your vet for advice, and consider dog supplements if joint problems are diagnosed.

Skin or coat problems

If your dog suffers from problems with its skin or coat, it might need a nutritional boost with dog supplements.

Digestive issues

Dogs that frequently suffer from tummy troubles, such as diarrhoea, may have an accumulation of bad bacteria in their guts. Dog supplements that contain probiotics can help to address this issue, increasing the levels of good bacteria that keep digestive problems at bay.

At Herbal Dog Co, we provide a range of dog supplements to keep your furry friend in healthy condition.


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