British Bulldog With Yellow Ball On Grass

Dry, dirty and dog-tired!

Hey sandy sheep dogs, shepherds, shar peis and shih tzus!

It’s definitely summertime! Woohoo!

Us humans are home, the tinies are off school and we’re headed out for beach days, BBQ’s and binging on ice cream! Our lucky adopted children are also along for the ride (especially if there’s the potential of any dropped ice cream ).

Even though there aren’t any muddy puddles to jump in, however, our fine-featured-furries can still get mucky!

Irritants, dry dirt, sand and salt can still stick in fur and create unsightly smells, sticky coats and less-than-shiny behinds!

That’s where dry shampoo comes in extra handy, both out and about and at home. Every beach trip doesn’t need to warrant a bath when you’ve got your handy spray bottles that’s…

  • Chemical free
  • Naturally scented
  • Pollen and duster removing
  • Packaged with recyclable materials
  • Deliciously scrummy scents!

From Cherry Drop, Coconut, to Watermelon, keep your pampered pets clean and smelling of… well, whatever you like!

Simply throw a bottle in your bag, spritz, wipe/brush and away you go!


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