How to select a safe dog shampoo

Unlike us, our canine companions have exceptionally sensitive skin that is particularly susceptible to irritation. Dogs have somewhere between three-to-five dedicated layers of skin cells, so a shampoo that includes harmful chemicals or the wrong pH balance can be a serious threat. Relentless itching caused by discomfort can easily compound into painful lesions that can become infected.

Thankfully, natural herbal shampoos are readily accessible, but how can you discover which product is best? Read on as we take a closer look at how you can select a safe dog shampoo.

Points to consider when picking the perfect natural dog shampoo

The all-natural shampoo that’s most suitable for your four-legged friend can depend on a number of different factors.

If your dog has especially sensitive skin, for example, select a shampoo that is made to tackle this specific issue. Dog shampoos that contain lavender may be useful as this ingredient is renowned for its soothing effect on the skin. If your dog is hyperactive, lavender shampoos also have calming properties.

If you’re after extra protection from unwanted pests, some herbal shampoos are formulated with flea treatments. Completely natural shampoos are available for dogs of all ages and some are specifically made for puppies, so you’re bound to find a product that suits your pet’s needs.

Finally, dog groomers seeking to impress their clientele and owners alike will be well served by natural shampoos that can hydrate coats for a healthy, bright, and glossy finish.

Do you need natural shampoo on the move?

If your dog has found some muddy puddles on a Sunday stroll or has rolled around in sand and seawater, you might want to give them a wash before driving home. A handy product to pack for days out is natural dry shampoo.

Freshly fragrant and easy to use, you can spruce your pet up with a swift shampoo and keep your car smelling sweet.

All-natural dog shampoo

To ensure your dog’s coat stays looking beautiful while avoiding any excessive itchiness, try out our selection of handmade herbal shampoos today at Herbal Dog Co.


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