3 top treats to spoil your dog with

Britain is a nation of animal lovers and dogs are a cherished part of the home for many people around the UK. It is only natural therefore to reward them for the happiness they bring and spoil them with some awesome treats at times. But what are the best 3 doggie products you could pamper your pooch with?

Facial wash

Luxurious facial washes are not just something for us humans to enjoy! Your dog will love getting spoilt with their own to use too. The best doggie facial washes not only smell great but are also something your pet will love lathering up with. Face washes for dogs are also excellent at keeping your pooch infection-free and looking their best.

Detangle spray

No dog likes having a coat that is all matted and tangled up, so treating them to a fab detangle spray is a great idea. While it’s useful for all dogs, it is especially handy for breeds with longer coats. If you combine using these great smelling sprays with regular brushing, you should find matting a thing of the past. They’re great value and contain ingredients like neem oil or fennel, so they are a perfect way to pamper your pet.

Dog tonic

There is no doubt that a decent diet, dog-friendly vitamins, exercise and grooming can keep dogs in great shape. A nice extra treat to spoil them with, though, are dog tonics. These are similar to the tonics humans take to make us feel more energetic. Dog-friendly tonics have the same effect and can really help your dog live life to the full.

Pamper your pooch with the Herbal Dog Co

Here at Herbal Dog Co, we stock all of the above products to spoil your pet with. Whether it is for their birthday or just as a special treat, they are all gifts your pet will love. Our natural products are all made in England, safe for dogs to use and come with free delivery on orders over £45 within the UK. Order online today or get in touch with us at hello@herbaldogco.com for more details.


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