3 ways to help your dog handle Bonfire Night

As we head into Autumn, most UK dog owners will already be thinking about Bonfire Night. Although this is an exciting time for many people, it can be stressful for dogs. The loud noises, sudden bangs and bright lights can make your pet pooch feel anxious. In addition, it can make them less focused than usual and harder to control. It is not just Bonfire Night itself either! People now seem to let fireworks off for many weeks before and after the event. This means you and your dog can be in for a testing few weeks.

Rather than simply putting up with it though, it is worth finding ways to help your dog feel more relaxed when there is a lot happening outside. But what are some great tips to consider?

Natural, calming dog products

A very effective tip is to buy some calming products which are safe to use on your furry friend. Dog tonics are a great example of this and soothing ones contain natural ingredients (such as lemon extract and honey) to calm them down. Tonics like this are easy to administer too, as they can be added to food or dropped directly into your dog’s mouth. You could also buy them some herbal dog shampoo to pamper them with when fireworks are going off. This will help take their mind off things and feel happier.

Try to muffle outside sounds

As noted above, it is often the loud noises and unexpected bangs fireworks bring that upset dogs. To help lessen this impact, it is worth shutting windows and closing curtains. Closing curtains also help reduce the impact any bright lights make when fireworks explode. All this together can really help your canine friend cope with Bonfire Night better.

Give them plenty of fuss

Just like humans, your pet dog will be wanting extra attention and reassurance when worried. This means giving them more fuss on Bonfire Night is a great idea. Simply being close to them and cuddling them will show that there is nothing to worry about.

Natural treatment for dog anxiety from Herbal Dog Co

At the Herbal Dog Co, we have tonics, shampoo and much more to help your pet handle Bonfire Night. If they find firework season stressful, our natural, safe products can help them feel more comfortable. Order online with us today or get in touch at hello@herbaldogco.com for further assistance.


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