What should you do if your dog has a sensitive stomach?

Even the healthiest dogs experience an upset tummy now and then, but if it’s an ongoing, persistent problem, then you may need to get help. When a dog experiences an upset stomach, it may throw up, have diarrhoea or flatulence and, in some cases, may start to lose its fur.

If your dog is showing signs of an upset stomach, there are a few steps you should take.

Take away their food

As mean as it sounds, the first thing you should do is make your dog fast for a period of time, usually, 24 hours for an adult and 12 if they’re just a pup. This gives their gut a chance to rest and recover. If your dog has been vomiting, you should also take away their water and just give them chips of ice as and when they need it. You should seek immediate help from a vet if the vomiting and diarrhoea last longer than this 24 hour period.

Feed them a bland diet

After you’ve made them fast for a while, switch them to a bland diet that is less likely to upset their stomach again. This could be plain boiled chicken mixed with white or brown rice, which you should offer in small quantities three or four times a day.

Start to add variety

Once you know they’re ok with the boiled meat and rice, try adding in dairy products such as plain yoghurt or cottage cheese. These have good bacteria which are beneficial to your dog’s gut.

Add natural remedies

At this stage, you could also add in some natural remedies, such as our herbal tummy calming powder. These are also good for your dog’s gut microbiome, helping return it to a natural balance, which will hopefully prevent them from getting an upset stomach as you switch them back to a regular diet.

Think about changing your dog food

Once their condition has improved, you can think about giving them commercial dog food again. Look out for those which are specially formulated for dogs with sensitive stomachs, as they’re less likely to affect your pet.

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