A Guide to Finding the Best Dog Perfume

As proud owners, we often worry about having a smelly dog. It’s every dog mum or dad’s worst fear – a visitor comes over to your house and gets a waft, or a stranger fusses over your fur baby in the street and catches a whiff. And no matter how much we clean our dogs and everything they come into contact with, sometimes ‘eau de doggie’ is impossible to cover up. Here’s our guide to finding the best dog perfume – a must-have for any friendly Fido!

Look for natural ingredients

First thing’s first; the product you’re using must be a natural dog perfume. We can all agree that safety conquers all, so you’ll want to rule out anything that could potentially irritate your dog’s precious coat. Distilled water, vinegar, lemon, and herbs are some of the ingredients you should find in a safe dog perfume.

Choose a full-coverage scent

Like a bad deodorant, there’s nothing worse than masking a smell instead of eliminating it. When it comes to choosing an effective dog perfume (or deodorant!), it’s all about the scent you choose. Strong, fresh flavours like mint, lime, pepper, and orange work well.

Pick a smell to suit your home

Because your dog spends a good portion of their day in your home, it makes sense to pick a smell that you wouldn’t mind wafting about every room. If your furry friend spends a lot of time in the kitchen, go for an edible citrus scent, but if they’re always in your bedroom, choose a soft floral like lavender.

Opt for an environmentally kind product

Do your doggy’s bit for the environment by choosing a product with natural ingredients and environmentally sound packaging. Not only is it the right thing to do nowadays, but you will rest easy knowing that a lot of love and attention has gone into making your dog perfume.

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