Dog Calmer Treatment

Want to find a dog calmer treatment in time for bonfire night?

Whilst many people find the leadup to November exciting due to firework displays and bonfire night, the reality can be very different for dog owners. With unexpected big bangs and bright lights, fireworks can be incredibly scary for dogs and it can cause them to act erratic and feel anxious.

Although you may try hard to protect them by staying indoors and distracting them, sometimes you can only do so much to keep them calm. By investing in our herbal calming drops, you can help to reduce your dog’s anxiety levels.

With extracts of chamomile, hood wort and valerian, known for their soothing properties, our drops contain no chemicals or harmful ingredients which could cause an adverse reaction.

Keep these drops by your side during November and you can help to ease your dog’s anxiety and stress levels. They are also great for vet visits, car journeys and any other situations which may make your dog stressed.

If you’d like to find out more about our other herbal dog products, take a look around our website and buy with ease today.


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