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Vitamins For Dogs

Shop our range of vitamins for dogs Just like us, dogs need the additional support of vitamins added to their daily routine. Whether they’re suffering from bad joints, anxiety or liver issues, you can find the right vitamin for your dog when shopping online with us. At Herbal Dog Co Ltd we want to give

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Dog Supplements

Have access to a range of natural dog supplements If you’re anything like us, and want to give your dog the best, then our range of natural dog supplements can make the world of difference. Whatever issues they may be facing, their quality of life can be vastly improved when incorporating our dog supplements into

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Natural Puppy Shampoo

Shop our range of natural puppy shampoo  Perfect for giving your puppy a glossy and shiny coat, our natural puppy shampoo is a gentle way to clean them without having to use any nasty or unpleasant chemicals that can upset their skin. Made from extracts of chamomile & wild sage, this shampoo is nourishing and

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Puppy Shampoo

Shop our range of puppy shampoos When you’ve got a cheeky puppy to keep clean, it can be easier said than done. Bursting with energy and always looking at new ways to push their boundaries, puppies can be tricky to keep clean when they’re busy exploring new areas. If you want to keep your pup

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Dog Calmer Treatment

Shop our range of dog calmer treatments Just like us, dogs can experience a range of emotions such as excitement, fear, anxiety and nervousness. Whilst some dogs may experience these in certain environments, others are simply born that way and require a little extra TLC now and again. If you want to find a natural

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Natural Dry Dog Shampoo

Got a dog that hates bath time?  Then give our natural dry dog shampoo a go! Just like the stuff us humans use, dry shampoo is all about refreshing, revitalising and freshening up their coat so they’re good to go. Whilst it’s ideal for your dog to have regular baths, some dogs aren’t too keen

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