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Soothe the world

Hey K9 companions, It’s World Environment day on June 5th and we are buzzing! Looking after our planet and our pooches is our number one priority. That’s why we do our best to protect them both. Our packaging is recyclable, sustainable and is filled with… 100% compostable, GM free ecoflow peanuts! (not for snacking) Our […]

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allergies in dogs

Allergies in Dogs

Dogs aren’t called man’s best friend for nothing! As dog owners, we can all tell when our pets are feeling under the weather or are just not behaving like themselves. What’s more difficult is finding out exactly what is wrong and what could be causing them to feel poorly. Did you know that much like

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itchy ears in dogs

Sore ears in dogs

Have you ever noticed your dog excessively shaking their ear, desperately trying to soothe an itch they just can’t scratch? Or perhaps you’ve noticed an unpleasant odour or discharge coming from their ears, which appear to be red and sore. It could be the result of an ear infection or inflammation.

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itchy dogs

Skin Problems in Dogs

How often do you bathe your dog? Every couple of weeks? Once a month? Perhaps once every few months. The truth is, there is no magic method outlining how often you should bathe your dog but maintaining good hygiene of their skin is one of the most important and underrated responsibilities of pet ownership. In

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