allergies in dogs

Allergies in Dogs

Dogs aren’t called man’s best friend for nothing! As dog owners, we can all tell when our pets are feeling under the weather or are just not behaving like themselves. What’s more difficult is finding out exactly what is wrong and what could be causing them to feel poorly. Did you know that much like humans, seasonal allergies can affect our pooches, too? If you’ve noticed your dog sneezing, coughing, chewing or excessively scratching their skin, rubbing themselves on the carpet or furniture to find some relief, then they may be having an allergic reaction. And if you suffer from seasonal allergies yourself, then you know how miserable dealing with them can be.

Causes, signs and symptoms of allergies in dogs

Allergies, put simply, are the body’s immune system response when exposed to environmental toxins or allergens, such as pollens, grasses, weeds, and moulds. Perhaps the most common type of allergic reaction in dogs is dermatitis, or inflammation of the skin. This can present itself as inflamed and infected areas on the skin, known as hot spots, which can result from bacterial and fungal growth. In more severe cases, due to excessive biting or scratching, this inflamed and tender area of skin can result in hair loss, open sores, and even scabs.

Seasonal allergies can also present themselves in the form of persistent ear problems, such as itchy or inflamed ear canals which, if left untreated, can become infected with yeast or bacteria. If you see your dog shaking their head excessively or notice redness, a stinky odour, or discharge in their ears, then they likely have an ear infection. Other symptoms are more familiar to us, such as general redness in their eyes or skin as well as respiratory symptoms, including a runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, or coughing.


If your dog is suffering from allergies, your first port of call should be to review their diet and, in more severe cases, transition them onto an anti-inflammatory diet low in grain content. Specialist diets can help their body to recalibrate naturally, preventing inflammation flare-ups by suppressing its inflammatory response when exposed to allergens. For pets that regularly go outside – and therefore collect allergens on their coat, skin and paw pads – regular bathing is crucial to not only avoid bringing those allergens into your home but also to provide your pooch with immediate relief to itchy or irritated skin. You may notice your dog’s allergies worsen in the warmer and often more humid summer months, so you may need to bathe more frequently during spring and summer. Our range of all-natural Dog Shampoos are perfect for cleansing and soothing your dog’s sensitive skin, as well as removing dirt and other toxins.

Since allergies are an immune response, it is also important to keep your dog’s immune system functioning at optimal levels. Give them the support they need to fight the allergic reaction from within with our Allergy Support Powder Supplement. This powder, which can also be combined with our Immune Support blend, can help give your dog’s immune system a boost, minimising existing reactions and preventing future flare-ups. For pooches with ear infections resulting from allergies, look no further than our Herbacare Ear Tonic, specially formulated with a blend of natural herbs containing antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties to eliminate wax, dirt, and discharge from the ear canal.

Whatever is causing your dog’s allergies, get them feeling themselves again with Herbal Dog Co’s range of specially formulated tonics, powders, and grooming products – all 100% natural!


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