itchy ears in dogs

Sore ears in dogs

Have you ever noticed your dog excessively shaking their ear, desperately trying to soothe an itch they just can’t scratch? Or perhaps you’ve noticed an unpleasant odour or discharge coming from their ears, which appear to be red and sore. It could be the result of an ear infection or inflammation.

Unfortunately, persistent ear problems, including bacterial or fungal infections, are very common in the canine world, particularly for floppy-eared breeds, such as spaniel types. Symptoms often include whining, ear-shaking, and excessive scratching as they try and relieve the source of the itch. So, why is it that man’s best friend is so prone to sore ears and ear infections? Well, it has to do with the shape of their ear canal, which is more vertical than that of their human counterparts and makes fluid the perfect environment for fluid build-up.

There are three main types of ear infection in dogs which range in severity including: otitis externa (inflammation of the external portion of the ear canal), otitis media (inflammation in the middle ear canal), and otitis internal (inflammation of the inner ear canal), the latter of which can be very serious if left untreated. Ear problems are either caused by chronic inflammation or infection, the former of which can often lead to the latter. Inflammation can be caused by food and environmental allergies, excess moisture in the ear, such as from swimming or bathing, and even something as simple as wax build-up. If left untreated, these inflammations can often turn into nasty fungal or bacterial infections, which are more difficult to treat.

So, if your poorly pooch has hot, red, itchy and swollen ears, you might be wondering what you can do to help ease their discomfort and get them feeling better. The best way to prevent and treat existing ear inflammation is by keeping it dry, regularly checking for ear wax or debris, and treating it early – the earlier, the better. For immediate relief, look no further than our Herbacare Ear Tonic, made with a combination of 100% natural ingredients with a triple threat of antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties. Keep their ears clean and free of irritating dirt, wax, and discharge with the added benefit of repelling any opportunistic mites and parasites! Useful as a treatment or a preventative, our Inner Ear Tonic is sure to help balance your dog’s natural sebum production as well as soothe any irritation or itch in the ear canal, reducing their discomfort considerably.

Sometimes, however, no matter how much you clean, a persistent ear inflammation or infection can take hold which is when it’s time to fight from within. Our Herbacare Immune Powder Supplement is specially formulated with a blend of powerful natural herbs and hand-picked ingredients to provide regular support and, when required, a boost to your dog’s natural immune system. Whether your dog’s sore ears are caused by bacteria or fungus, such as yeast, this powder – which can be used alongside both our Inner Ear Tonic as well as other powders for a real health boost – is ideal for treating and preventing ear infections in your dog once and for all.

If your dog is showing symptoms of being ill or in pain seek veterinary advice.


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