Natural Dry Dog Shampoo

Got a dog that hates bath time? 

Then give our natural dry dog shampoo a go! Just like the stuff us humans use, dry shampoo is all about refreshing, revitalising and freshening up their coat so they’re good to go.

Whilst it’s ideal for your dog to have regular baths, some dogs aren’t too keen on them, and sometimes they can be more hassle then they’re worth. Our dry dog shampoos are also a great goodie to have by your side for long walks when you want to freshen them up before they get back in the car or the house.

At Herbal Dog Co Ltd we’re all about keeping it natural and offer a range of natural dry dog shampoos for you to choose from. Made from all natural ingredients, our dry shampoos are designed to bring out the best in your dog, and can be particularly useful to those who suffer from certain allergies.

You can choose from scents such as:


Cherry Drop

Lemon Sherbet

Lavender & Neroli

White Musk

With a few spurts of your chosen scent, you can simply brush it through their fur to keep it fresh and shiny until they’re ready to face bath time.


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