Is dog perfume safe?

It is a known fact that animals use their sense of smell to locate food, survive, communicate with others, find their territory etc. The same goes for our dogs when they sniff another dog – they can detect their health status and age. How clever is that?! So, the question is, are dog perfumes safe you use? The answer to this depends on your pet.

Understanding pet allergies

Some dogs, just like humans, can be allergic to perfumes. Have you ever noticed your dog rolling around in the grass after you have given them a bath? This is an attempt to rub off the perfume that is masking their scent. Other dogs lose their appetite after being sprayed with perfume, which is due to nausea. However, not all dogs have allergies, so dog perfume may be safe to use.

What are dog perfumes?

Dog perfumes have been specially formulated to cover that “doggy odour” without irritating your pet’s skin, eyes or nose. However, the perfume should not replace your dog’s regular bath. Instead, it should be used to enhance their scent. Groomers often use dog perfumes as a ‘finishing touch’.

When it comes down to choosing the right perfume for your dog, you may struggle due to the amount of choice available! Ensure you are looking at perfumes that do not contain any harsh chemicals or alcohol – this will not only dry out your pet’s skin, but also irritate it. Instead, look for perfumes that contain more organic, natural and plant-based ingredients. Avoid products containing acetone, benzaldehyde, benzyl acetate, benzyl alcohol, campho, toluene, ethanol, ethyl acetate, limonene, linalool, styrene, methylene chloride and phthalates.

What are the benefits?

Citrus, lavender and chamomile scents have been known to calm anxiety in our pets, especially travel-related anxiety, without causing negative side effects. Other types of perfumes help to neutralise bad odours which are common in dogs. After a long walk or in between grooming are good times to use perfume. However, never use human perfume!

In conclusion, dog perfumes are safe to use on our pets as long as they are used sparingly and do not contain any harsh chemicals or ingredients. If you do notice your dog having an allergic reaction to the product, seek veterinary advice.


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