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Can you use baby shampoo on puppies?

Washing your puppy can feel like something you need to do fairly regularly; after all, they get into everything! But what about when you run out of dog shampoo and those muddy paws are threatening to race all over the house? What can you do?

It may be tempting to reach for baby shampoo as a quick alternative to dog shampoo. Before you do, though, let’s think about it – is baby shampoo really a safe alternative for puppies?

Gentle formula…

Baby shampoo tends to have a much more gentle formula than adult shampoo, which is why using regular adult shampoo is a big no-no for puppies and babies alike.

Because baby shampoo does not have strong fragrances or harsh chemicals, you may think it is suitable for puppies. However, it will still strip your puppy’s skin of its protective barrier and potentially damage the pH balance of their delicate coat.

Is occasional use okay?

We all know it can be easy to run out of the essentials, but it is vital that you do not use baby shampoo on your puppy, even in a pinch. The only truly suitable way to bathe your puppy is with a specially formulated puppy shampoo which can adequately clean and protect their coat and skin.

And, once again, you should never use adult human shampoo on any dog. Stock up on a gentle puppy shampoo and treat them to the bath they deserve! (And clean up those muddy paws in a safe way.)

Bath timing

While you may want to wash your puppy weekly or even more often, this is actually not a good idea. Just like we should not wash our hair every day because it can strip our natural oils, the same is true for dogs, but their coats offer a lot more protection for them than our hair does for us.

Bathing your puppy around once a month is a good idea to prevent bacteria build up on their coats. Using a natural puppy shampoo is a great option to give them a positive experience.

Bath time should be a fun bonding experience for you and your puppy. Keep them clean and safe and they will have a shiny, beautiful coat for their whole lives.

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