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What is the best dog perfume?

We love everything about our dogs. Their joyful personalities, how they never let us be lonely, and even heading out on rainy walks can be fun with a four-legged friend.

Ah, yes. Rainy walks. We all know what those lead to – wet dog smell. When we said we loved everything about our pampered pooches, there might be one exception. Sometimes, they just smell a little less than lovely.

Whether because of the aforementioned wet dog smell or because they tend to roll on the lawn, you may want to help your dog to smell more pleasant, which is where dog perfume comes in. But what is the best dog perfume? No matter which fragrance you favour, the Herbal Dog Co will have a choice for you.

Floral fragrances

We all love a fresh bunch of flowers or the scent of a lovely cup of herbal tea. But you can give your dog the fresh scent of florals with Jasmine and Bergamot natural dog perfume. Bringing a gentle citrus scent to your pup, it is a soothing and natural smell which won’t upset the delicate balance of your dog’s fur and skin.

Sweet scents

Your puppy is sugar and spice and everything nice – at least, that’s how you feel most of the time! If you love scents that remind you of summer fruits, then this is for you. Up the sweetness factor with Raspberry and Vanilla perfume – perfect for creating a sugary and warm yet natural scent, this fragrance also has relaxing and calming properties to help your pup stay mellow.

Perfect for puppies

Every dog owner, at some point or another, has thought of their puppy as their baby. It’s okay to admit it, you’re among friends! You can even give your dog (however young or young at heart they really are) that gorgeous baby smell with softly clean and fresh Baby Powder dog cologne. You may recognise this scent as familiar – it is often used at the end of professional dog grooms to give your dog that extra freshness.

Ready to get your pooch smelling perfect? With these perfumes, you really will love every single thing about them.


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