What is the best dog shampoo?

In recent years, we have all come to understand both the environmental and health benefits of adopting a greener lifestyle. Choosing natural ingredients isn’t just a must for our food, but also for the products we use in our homes and on our bodies. The same is true for the products we use to keep our beloved four-legged friends clean and smelling sweet.

Thankfully, there are plenty of natural ingredients that work just as well, if not better, in our dog shampoos than many man-made compounds or harsh chemicals. Whether you are looking to soothe your dog’s sensitive skin, provide an anti-bacterial wash, condition her fluffy-coat or just have her smelling glorious, the Herbal Dog Co will have a formula for you.

Lemon balm

Lemon balm is a common ingredient in pet shampoo. To us, its lemony fragrance is joyously uplifting and fresh, but to flying insects, it is not so attractive! Lemon balm’s natural insect-repelling properties make it an appropriate choice as a shampoo if your doggo is nursing a sore or a cut, as it will keep the flies at bay, helping to keep the cut clean and free from infection. Even if your dog has not been in the wars, lemon balm is still a great shampoo for its zingy fragrance alone!


Chamomile has been used for centuries as both a tonic and a skin treatment. If your furry friend has sensitive or inflamed skin, a natural shampoo containing chamomile will help soothe the itch and calm the inflammation. Chamomile truly is a calming influence!


Rosemary is well-known for its distinctive and attractive woody fragrance. It also has amazing skin and hair conditioning properties – perfect for keeping your canine’s coat glossy and her skin healthy. The Herbal Dog Co’s popular Rosemary Natural Shampoo harnesses the antibacterial power of rosemary oil, ensuring your dog stays clean without drying out or harming her skin.

There are so many more varieties to choose from. Why not take a look and see which shampoo best suits the individual needs of your darling pet?


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