Bulldog Being Lowered Into Bath

What is the best dry shampoo for dogs?

From muddy puddles to rain-soaked walks, dogs love to play and don’t really care about getting dirty! Whilst we love the joy this brings, we’re not so keen on the damp smells and dirt left behind. With this in mind, we’ve created a collection of natural dry dog shampoo that’s enriched with safe, chemical-free ingredients that leave your furry friends smelling fresh and looking clean all the time.

What is dry dog shampoo?

Dry dog shampoo is a safe and gentle waterless bath in a bottle. At Herbal Dog Company, you’ll find innovative and easy to use products that you simply shake and brush through your dog’s fur to eradicate nasty odours and remove dirt and pollen the natural way.

Benefits of dry dog shampoo

Dry shampoo eliminates the need for frequent bathing and swiftly removes that damp doggy smell. Herbal Dog Co dry dog shampoos are enriched with soothing and uplifting scents including baby powder, rhubarb, vanilla and baby powder. They’re gentle and kind even on the most sensitive of skins. Dry shampoo is a fabulous alternative for dog’s that are anxious about bathtime or have had an operation and need to avoid water. We also love dry dog shampoo for on-the-go grooming, whether you’re travelling with your pets or a surprise guest turns up and you need a pampered pooch fast.

What are the best dry shampoos for dogs?

A godsend for pet parents, our Orange & Bergamot Natural Dry Shampoo is a no-rinse formula powered by a zesty and enlivening citrus scent. Removing dirt and debris in a no-hassle way, you’ll have a dapper dude or a preened princess in no time. Looking for a calming fragrance that’s as fresh as a newborn’s skin? Try our Baby Powder Natural Dry Shampoo crafted from gentle and chemical-free ingredients including organic chamomile and cleansing marjoram and neem oil. A clean alternative to fragrance pet spray, we have an extensive collection of scents including lemon sherbet, coconut and crisp apple that fluff up coats, restore shine and remove pollen that can cause seasonal allergies.

Looking to groom your dog the waterless way, leaving them nicely scented, shiny and fresh? Browse our collection of natural dry dog shampoos and discover the perfect organic pampering solution.


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