Dry Dog Shampoo

Keep your dog looking and feeling fresh with our dry dog shampoo

With another lockdown in place, it’s been left to local councils to make the decision as to whether groomers are classed as necessities or not. Wherever your area stands on the topic, if you’ve got a dog that is in dire need of a groom but can’t get out to the groomers, we’ve got the perfect solution.

It’s not just us humans that get to benefit from dry shampoo, but dogs can look as good as new with our range of natural dry dog shampoo products.

At Herbal Dog Co Ltd we’ve got a range of dry dog shampoo products that are perfect for keeping your dog smooth, sleek and fresh as a daisy. You can choose from various scents such as pomegranate, lavender and coconut and all our dry shampoos are designed to keep your dog clean and smelling fresh.

Why not try our sprays too?

Take a look at our Herbal Dog Co Doodle Spray All Natural Detangle Spray For Dogs. This spray is ideal for all dogs that require a daily groom, and will help to keep the knots at bay, all the while giving them some extra special TLC.


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