dog joint pain

The importance of joint care for dogs

We all know how important it is to ensure your canine friend lives a long and happy life, and as they begin to age, it’s important to consider joint care for dogs. As your four-legged friend gets older, their joints may become stiff and painful, preventing them from getting their full enjoyment out of life.

The importance of looking after your dog’s joints

There’s nothing worse than seeing your best friend struggling to walk, get up from a nap, or even run after that ball he usually covets so much. At best, it means they’re uncomfortable and a little grumpy, at the worst, it could mean your dog becomes immobile, seriously affecting their quality of life.

Here at The Herbal Dog Co, we have some dog herbal supplements that will help to soothe those aches and pains and allow your dog to live his best life.

Typical joint supplements work by reducing any inflammation that could be caused by injury or arthritis. They help to ease movement around their joints and ensure that the surrounding cartilage is kept strong, allowing your dog pain-free movement and increased mobility.

There are a number of ways in which you can support your pooch with their joints, such as swimming and massage. There are also a variety of treatment options including anti-inflammatories, arthritis medications, and NSAIDs.

There are also herbal supplements for dogs that work by taking the best of Mother Nature and ease discomfort and stiffness naturally.

At The Herbal Dog Co, we use ingredients such as wild celery, milk thistle, sage, Apium seed, and organic cider vinegar, along with natural anti-inflammatories including skullcap and devil’s claw, all blended by hand and with love.

Why not have a look at our HerbaFlex, made especially to support the health of your dog’s joints? Or our Mobility Support, aimed at supporting current joint issues, as well as helping to prevent further issues.

Even more appealingly, our joint care for dogs packaging is all made from 100% recycled plastic, meaning not only are you investing in your dog’s health, but you’re also preventing used plastic being dumped in the ocean.

There are a number of reasons why your dog is struggling with his joints and we would always recommend seeking veterinary advice if it’s causing you concern.


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