The benefits of dog supplements

It has become increasingly common for us to take supplements and vitamins to help with our general health as well as more specific complaints such as joint pain or skincare. So why are we not also giving this helping hand to the furrier members of the family?

Boosting your dog’s health with supplements

While a good diet remains the best way to ensure your dog’s health, natural supplements can help support their nutrition further. This is especially true for older dogs or those with key health concerns as their nutrition needs may be greater than what is typically catered for in most pet food. However, before starting your dog on any kind of supplement or vitamin, be sure to discuss it first with their vet. It can also be useful to speak to a pet nutritionist to fully understand your dog’s dietary needs and how best to meet them.

What supplements do dogs need?

A great start to helping your pet live a healthy life is to give them a great multivitamin. Dogs need many of the same vitamins as their owners, including Vitamins A, B (B-12 and B-6), C, D, E, K, plus essential minerals. Of course, their recommended daily intake varies. Multivitamins for dogs may be similar to the same ones you use and can invite a better nutritional balance into your dog’s diet. The Herbal Dog Co. All Natural Complete Multivitamin is the easy way to cover a wide range of necessary nutrients and can be mixed into food or yoghurt for a healthy treat.

More targeted supplements can also be used to help dogs with issues such as joint pain. Joint issues can make previously exciting trips to the park unbearable and if left untreated can lead to immobility. The Joint Mobility Support Supplement not only helps with current joint pain but can also help support the body in preventing it from developing. While joint stiffness may be a symptom of arthritis, dogs also naturally simply become stiffer with age and a simple supplement can also help alleviate daily age-related discomfort. Dog Joint Relief Tonic is a great supplement for older dogs or those that just need a little help with keeping up with the pack. Find out more at The Herbal Dog Co.


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