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What age should you give dogs joint supplements?

Your dog might feel like they’re not finding walks as much fun or seem to have stopped hopping up on the sofa and investigating upstairs, but either way, these could be signs they’re experiencing mobility issues. This may be from old age or they could simply be a breed that can benefit from extra joint support. If your dog is in pain, a trip to the vet is essential, but there are also supplements designed especially for dogs to help with these problems.

However, you might be wondering, how old does your dog need to be for you to use these options? Read on for all you need to know.

Benefits of joint care supplements

Many dog owners have found that natural joint supplements can be beneficial, especially for certain breeds that struggle with joint pain. Entirely natural supplements are safe to give to dogs of all ages. The results are natural relief, reduced inflammation, enhanced flexibility, and strengthened joints and cartilage.

Larger dog breeds may need more support

After your dog is 12 months old and finished growing, a joint supplement may be advised, particularly if they are among the larger breeds, like Bassett Hounds, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers and Great Danes, Bulldogs to name but a few. The larger dogs can sometimes be more susceptible to severe symptoms of conditions, like joint inflammation, elbow and hip dysplasia and arthritis.

Alternative joint care for dogs

If you’re looking to ease your dog’s stiffness due to ageing, swiftly and naturally, you’ll find hand-made herbal preparations readily available to do the job. At Herbal Dog Co, we’ve created some potent and rapid-acting remedies made with all-natural ingredients.

By blending sage, Apium seed, milk thistle, wild celery, and apple cider vinegar along with devil’s claw and skullcap, we offer an all-natural offering designed to support your four-legged friend’s health in terms of tendons, ligaments, and joints. This will not only make your walks together much more enjoyable but will also ensure everyday exercise is far easier to achieve.

Browse our specialist products to ease joint issues here on our website or get in touch today for expert advice.


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