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When you’ve got a cheeky puppy to keep clean, it can be easier said than done. Bursting with energy and always looking at new ways to push their boundaries, puppies can be tricky to keep clean when they’re busy exploring new areas.

If you want to keep your pup nice and clean and use something that is gentle on their coat, we’ve got the ideal companion for bath time.

Our puppy shampoo offers a natural way to care for your growing puppy. Made from coconut-derived surfactant, we’ve added extracts of chamomile & wild sage to help sooth and calm your puppy during bath time. With these natural ingredients, you won’t have to worry about damaging your puppy’s coat as they help to promote a healthy coat and natural shine.

If you’re looking for a quicker solution to keep your pup clean whilst out and about, our dry shampoo is a great tool to have by your side. Ideal for dogs with allergies or dogs that make bath time particularly tricky, our dry shampoo help to remove dust and pollen from the fur and can be used on wet or dry fur.

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