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It can be hard getting your dog to corporate with bath time, and whilst you may do what you can to keep them clean, their adventurous nature can get them mucky from time to time. If you want to keep them looking good and smelling fresh, our dry dog shampoo is a worthwhile investment.

Herbal Dog Co All Natural Baby Powder Dry Shampoo For Dogs

Free from any nasty chemicals, our all natural dry shampoo is a great alternative when you can’t get out to the groomers. Suitable for wet and dry fur, this is great for all breeds, and works fine with dogs with allergies.

Better yet, our baby powder dry shampoo smells exactly like the name suggests. With organic chamomile, antibacterial neem oil and organic marjoram, your dog will smell better than ever before!

In addition to this scent, you can also choose from others such as mint, parma violet, orange blossom, apple and vanilla and many more.

To shop our full range of dry dog shampoos, and other dog products such as supplements and tonics, take a look around our website and shop with confidence today.


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