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Dog anxiety: how to spot it and treat it

Do you think your dog may have anxiety? There are some common symptoms that will help you determine whether or not they do. Some of the signs are; shivering, barking or howling when alone at home, panting and pacing when it’s not hot, digging, loss of appetite, ruining furniture and excessive chewing or licking, lifting a paw, looking away and showing white eyes. Just because your dog does some of these things, it doesn’t mean they necessarily have anxiety. However, it could do and it is something that should be looked into in order to help treat it. The quicker you notice it the higher the chances of treating it are. We have put together some helpful tips and tricks that will help calm your dog’s anxiety.

Behaviour training

Behaviour training is great for dogs with separation anxiety. The training helps your dog when it comes to staying home alone, instead of being upset and negative, it allows your dog to associate being alone as a positive feeling. This can be done by giving your dog something they love. For example; food puzzle toys, they are great at keeping your dog distracted and busy whilst you are out of the house. Another tip when it comes to behaviour training is to gradually increase the amount of time your dog is left alone, this will help them get more familiar with the feeling.

Herbal remedies

Using a herbal treatment for dog anxiety is great for treating dogs with anxiety. It can help to calm your dog in various different situations, including; being home alone, travelling in a car, hearing fireworks, excessive barking and visiting the vet. The natural remedies have ingredients that are known for their soothing properties and are not harmful to your furry friend. We offer natural dog calming drops and powder to help aid the anxiety.

Massaging and brushing

Just like us humans, dogs also find a massage relaxing and calming! Usually, dogs develop anxiety after they experience something frightening, for example, fireworks. Using a dog brush or massaging your dog whilst spending some time together can really help calm their anxiety.

It is important to treat anxiety as early as you can. If it goes untreated it can end up reaching a dangerous level that nobody wants.


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