Dog Calmer Treatment

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There are many reasons why your dog may get worked up or over excited. It could be that they aren’t able to burn off excess energy as much as they’d like, or it could be that they are highly anxious and need that extra bit of TLC to get them through the day.

Whatever it is that your dog is suffering from, if you are concerned that your dog is anxious, stressed or overworked, you could benefit from our natural dog calming treatments.

At Herbal Dog Co Ltd we want to give you access to a range of natural dog treatments, whatever they may be faced with.

Keeping things as natural as possible can only benefit your dog, and if you want to help them calm down with the help of plant extracts, we’re the place to go.

Our Natural Tranquillity Drops are a great place to start. Helping them to stay calm and relax, these are a great tool to have if you get a nervous dog just before a trip to the vets.

Made with extracts of hood wort, chamomile & known for their soothing properties, these drops contain no chemicals or harmful ingredients. Simply pop directly into the mouth or add it to their food.

To view our full range of natural dog products which treat a range of aliments, shop today.


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