Help for dog allergies

Allergies in dogs are surprisingly common and can develop at any age. They can be triggered by their diet, something they inhale or a substance that comes into contact with their skin. Much the same as humans!

If your dog becomes very ill as a result of an allergic reaction you must consult a vet, as they could go into anaphylactic shock. This is usually due to a bee or wasp sting, rather than everyday dog allergies.

There are some wonderful products designed to help your four-legged friend recover from this issue, and avoid future allergic reactions.

Skin care

Dogs are particularly prone to allergic dermatitis, an adverse skin reaction to such things as flea bites, moulds or dust.

These allergens (particularly flea saliva) can result in your dog itching themselves constantly. Possibly even making themselves sore and leaving them with scratches prone to infections. You may even notice bald patches where they’ve rubbed their own fur off.

It’s vital to find products that tackle dog allergies, and which soothe and calm any itchiness and irritation. You will need a robust flea treatment if that’s the source of the problem, and to avoid dog shampoos and other products which contain perfumes or other chemicals.

Then, take advantage of the gentle properties of a Natural Dog Shampoo (possibly one that tackles fleas) to help cleanse your dog. As well as a skin and fur supplement to get them back to full health.

Dog food allergies

An adverse reaction to a component in dog food is usually clear when they are puppies, but older dogs can develop an intolerance to something like wheat too. If you feel something is upsetting your dog’s tummy or leaving them uncomfortable or lethargic, immediately find food with different ingredients.

Also, consider dog supplements to build them back up after a spell of sickness and diarrhoea.

Prevention and calming

The Herbal Dog Company sells a Dog Calmer Natural Treatment, to help your pet relax while other treatments get to work and to help them with the stress of feeling ill and out of sorts.

Also, prevention is better than a cure! To get your dog in the best health and able to ‘shake off’ allergic reactions, it is recommended that you use an immune system booster supplement


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