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Alternative treatments for dog allergies

Just like their owners, dogs have allergies to all sorts of things, such as wheat, dairy, fleas or shampoo. If your dog is scratching a lot, coughing or off their food, it may be an allergy which is upsetting them. There are several treatments for dog allergies out there and it’s important to know what triggers your dog specifically. More and more people are looking for herbal, natural and alternative treatments for dog allergies.

Outside triggers

It is possible that your dog could be allergic to a number of environmental factors; such as pollen, grass and mites. According to the PDSA, the best way to avoid external allergy triggers is to keep your dog walking on the pavement, rather than the prickly grass or irritating undergrowth! Make sure you always rinse your dog’s feet and tummy after walking in grass, particularly during hayfever season. Our Seasonal Soother herbal treatment for dog allergies will leave your dog feeling clean and fresh after a long walk in the tall grass and get rid of any clinging allergens.

Inside triggers

There are also indoor things which can trigger your dog’s allergies, so try and use natural cleaning products that aren’t full of chemicals. Your dog might be allergic to certain substances in their dog shampoo or a tricky ingredient in their food that upsets their stomach. Our Dog Herbal Supplements are great for keeping your dog healthy and boosting their immune systems. A dusty house can also cause an allergic reaction to dust particles and mites, so always make sure you vacuum the house regularly. Avoid any substances which you think your dog reacts badly too and make sure to consult your vet. Herbal treatments for dog allergies are another great way to soothe and comfort your pet and help with allergic reactions.

Flea and skin allergies

Some dogs suffer awful allergic reactions to fleas and ticks so it’s important to stay up-to-date with their flea treatments. Our Dog And Puppy Flea And Tick Shampoo will help to ease itching with a powerful blend of herbal oils. With soothing natural ingredients designed for sensitive doggies, our natural dog shampoo means no more scratching, scabs and hair loss for your furry friend. If your dog has sore and sensitive skin, only use natural products with gentle ingredients.


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